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Dorset Magazine – What it’s like to own Durdle Door

I’d often wondered what it must be like to own something as amazing as Durdle Door, the iconic limestone arch that’s become the symbol of Dorset, as well as of its custodians, the Lulworth Estate. Luckily the estate’s owner, James Weld, was happy to tell me for this piece which was the cover story in the April 2017 edition of Dorset magazine.






Telegraph Weekend – The Weathervane Man

I have loved writing these pieces about our great British craftspeople for Telegraph Weekend.  Graham Smith is Britain’s most prolific weathervane maker and, like all interviewees in this section, is absolutely fascinating and passionate about his subject.


Angel Wings

In my October posting Dorset Rectory I gave a little glimpse of the latest home I have been writing about and I’m delighted to say that all can now be revealed…it’s the house of Charlotte Starling, who runs  interiors and accessories company Velvet & Dash and the piece appears in the January 2013 edition of Woman & Home magazine. As you’d expect from a company quirkily named after two of the most beautiful greyhounds (did you know they sometimes came in stripes? I didn’t!) Charlotte sells some original stuff, from jewel-bright, hand-blown glass to these heavenly rusted angel’s wings..perfect for Christmas.


Dorset Rectory

Spent all day interviewing the lovely owner of the most exquisite Dorset rectory for a feature that will be published in January 2013. No official pictures yet, but couldn’t resist including this one, just to give an idea of what’s coming up! The owner says that all these hats are used on walks and I love that idea. Have resolved to wear mine more, especially the Montana Hat my OH bought me for our wedding anniversary.

Hats galore