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Merry Christmas

Over on Pinterest I’ve been creating a board featuring every page from a vintage rag book called ‘Baby’s ABC’ . I have owned and been fascinated by this book since I was a tiny child, my mother gave it to me after it was given to her by a friend at church. Although we haven’t got to the letter X yet (and normally the writer in me cannot abide the term ‘Xmas’) I couldn’t resist showing this letter here first. Merry Christmas!


2D Christmas Trees!

Completely beautiful 2 D-er from

Completely beautiful 2 D-er from, featured in her new book, Eline’s Winterhuis

Really taken with this one which is part of HomeSense's Christmas advertising campaign

Really taken with this one which is part of HomeSense’s Christmas advertising campaig

Garland Christmas Tree

Garland Christmas Tree

Porcelain Flowers

These porcelain flowers will soon be appearing on my ‘Little Pieces of My Home’ Pinterest board. But I thought I’d share then with you first! Most of them belonged to my late Nana, Elsie, who was a voracious collector of all things china. She had some beautiful pieces but to me, these porcelain flowers were the best. I love their colours and shapes. As a child, looking at them in her parlour, I could hardly believe they weren’t real. A few years ago I saw some other examples in a village jumble sale and bagged the lot for a few pounds. I keep them on my ‘pretty’ dressing table in my bedroom (the other one’s covered in make-up and perfume bottles) and they are still one of the first things I look at when I wake up every day. I know they’re not fashionable but I just hope that in putting this out there, other people will tell me that in my obsession with my porcelain flowers, I am not alone!

China flowers


Anyone who loves looking at beautiful things loves looking on Pinterest. It’s a source of so much inspiration, in words as well as images.

I have two boards; Button Backing and Little Pieces of My Home. I think this image; a close-up of a nursing chair, should probably be on both of them!

The chair belonged to my late mother-in-law, Kay, and used to be a wonderful, butter-yellow velvet. By the time we acquired it, it had faded, had been scribbled on by our children(!) and was suffering  from too much wear and tear, so we reupholstered it in linen and retired it to the hall.


Button backing – pattable and pokeable