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Vintage Grey for The English Home

Even just approaching Sarah Dinwiddy’s beautiful home you can tell the inside is going to be special. Her look combines an innate sense of style, clever tricks, and plenty of beautiful, seasonal flowers supplied by London florists Whispers & Snippets

No surprise, then, that The English Home snapped up this property, which was photographed by Colin Poole.




Hampshire Life – The lovely Miss Witt

What’s not to love about a woman who makes chocolate? Especially when she makes it as well as the New Forest’s Kerry Witt! They are extraordinary and she is down to earth and a master of her craft. This piece appears in the March 2017 edition of Hampshire Life.


Living etc – Eve and Gary’s House

A lovely journo colleague tipped me off about Eve and Gary’s south London home. Outside, a stylish end-of-terrace property; inside a stunning space transformed with clever tricks and ideas devised by the architectural designer,  John Osborn.


This house was snapped up by Living etc magazine for their September 2016 edition, styled by Mary Weaver. With John’s help, Eve and Gary have created a warm, happy, relaxed home that perfectly suits their busy lifestyles.


We shot the house on a boiling hot day, but you get the feeling that come the depths of winter, it would feel as cosy and welcoming, thanks to the amazing furnishings (many of which were sale bargains).


Just adding one more shot here, the bedroom, which is my favourite for several reasons. I love the floating bed effect (created by John with mirrored skirting) and the subtle colour of the bed cover. Best of all, though, are those pulley lights – created by John Osborn Design. What a brilliant but simple way to change  the ambience and light within a bedroom!


HomeStyle – Lisa Long’s House

I’ve long admired the word of Lisa Long who runs More Than Words, the typographic arts company that makes so many of those gorgeous personalised pieces showing people’s favourite destinations, or their family rules. So when I got the chance to write about Lisa’s house for HomeStyle’s April 2016 edition, I was delighted!


Lisa is in love with typography and it really shows in her home where the wonder of words, letters and numbers pop up in almost every location – even the bedrooms.IMG_1119

I particularly love the way Lisa has done her kitchen


And her bedroom. I would never think of putting copper in a bedroom but you can see here the  amazing effect it has!


Telegraph Magazine -Best of British

Always love writing for Telegraph Magazine and this piece was a particular treat as I’ve been looking to place the story of Nick Stevenson for a while. He’s the Royal Tinsmith but I only discovered this when we took him an old French copper pan we’d bought at a vide-grenier, to ask if he would repair it. Nick did a superb job and no wonder – as we left the premises we spotted the royal coat of arms and he admitted that it’s been his pleasure to repair virtually every copper pot an pan in the Royal collection. And it sounds like there are thousands of them!

Telegraph Weekend

Telegraph Weekend

Country Living, March 2016

The minute I walked into Joy and Steve Jolliffe’s beautiful Isle of Wight home, I thought ‘Country Living’. This house has all the quirk, style and originality that distinguish the homes they publish, as you can see from these images, taken by the photographer, Holly Jolliffe.


Steve and Joy are working artists  and their home reflects this, ever-changing and modernising as they are constantly finding new items to display, many of them acquired through their business The OK Corral.


The house was photographed on a bright spring day and I think the beautiful quality of the photography reflects this.


I especially love this shot, reflecting the splash of colour in Joy’s cushion


This feature appears in the March 2016 edition of Country Living magazine, which is out now!





It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas! Yes! And to get you in the mood, here’s one we did earlier – last Christmas, to be precise. Thank-you to the lovely Sarah Norton Interiors for allowing us to photograph her beautiful family home, tucked away in the heart of a Hampshire village. Ideal Home magazine gave it the star treatment, and no wonder….