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Elegant Villa In Provence

When the interior designer Suzy Dallas approached me to write the copy for her villa website I couldn’t believe how lucky I was – gazing upon beautiful images of interiors, taken by Nicholas Yarsley, and then dreaming up just the right words to go with them. The website is live now and after enjoying this work so much, I now cannot wait to get stuck into more content and copy-writing projects of this kind!


Maisons Cote Ouest

It may still be January but that’s never to early for me to start thinking about my birthday next month and what I’d like to receive as a present! And what I’d really like is a subscription to Maisons Cote Ouest, which is my favourite French holiday read. The Cote Maison group of magazines focus exclusively on distinct areas of France, East (Est), the south (Sud) and Paris (the capital and the north). It’s  a fascinating way to learn more about the architecture, customs and what’s going on in specific areas of France.

My French isn’t brilliant but ploughing through the articles certainly helps improve it and the photos are wonderful, especially when they visit a house you’ve glimpsed as you walk or drive by. I hope someone in present-buying mode sees this…