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Vintage Grey for The English Home

Even just approaching Sarah Dinwiddy’s beautiful home you can tell the inside is going to be special. Her look combines an innate sense of style, clever tricks, and plenty of beautiful, seasonal flowers supplied by London florists Whispers & Snippets

No surprise, then, that The English Home snapped up this property, which was photographed by Colin Poole.




It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas! Yes! And to get you in the mood, here’s one we did earlier – last Christmas, to be precise. Thank-you to the lovely Sarah Norton Interiors for allowing us to photograph her beautiful family home, tucked away in the heart of a Hampshire village. Ideal Home magazine gave it the star treatment, and no wonder….



Good Housekeeping – January 2014

Thought you’d like to check out my latest piece, the Buckinghamshire home of Hazel Ball, whose beautiful rooms feature in this month’s edition of Good Housekeeping magazine. Hazel is a joy to interview, always gives great quotes and her sense of style is something I certainly aspire to!



Standing before Monet’s waterlillies in the  Orangerie in Paris is almost a spiritual experience. How could a man who was nearly blind have produced such perfect, beautiful work? Like most people who have been inspired by this artist I was desperate to visit Giverny, the house and garden where, despite the endless tramp of visitors, you can see the views which inspired Monet and even stand upon his Japanese bridge. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to do just that. Yes, there are hundreds of people.  But the power and force of this artist is such that despite all this, you can still detect the very beat of his heart.



Monet's house at Giverny

Monet’s house at Giverny

The lily pond at Giverny

The lily pond at Giverny

William Morris

Although I love the designs of William Morris, I often find that in situ they tend to be too dark, too green and a little bit oppressive. So it was wonderful to see the latest collection from  featuring Morris & Co’s Bird and Pomegranate looking so fresh, and his Daisy design, which was launched in 1864. Not hard to see just why Daisy was Morris & Co’s best-selling design for 50 years!


Porcelain Flowers

These porcelain flowers will soon be appearing on my ‘Little Pieces of My Home’ Pinterest board. But I thought I’d share then with you first! Most of them belonged to my late Nana, Elsie, who was a voracious collector of all things china. She had some beautiful pieces but to me, these porcelain flowers were the best. I love their colours and shapes. As a child, looking at them in her parlour, I could hardly believe they weren’t real. A few years ago I saw some other examples in a village jumble sale and bagged the lot for a few pounds. I keep them on my ‘pretty’ dressing table in my bedroom (the other one’s covered in make-up and perfume bottles) and they are still one of the first things I look at when I wake up every day. I know they’re not fashionable but I just hope that in putting this out there, other people will tell me that in my obsession with my porcelain flowers, I am not alone!

China flowers

A Splash of Colour

Like the description ‘eclectic mix’, the phrase ‘splash of colour’ is an overworked one in the world of interiors journalism! But it’s completely justified here. My mother picked these dahlias for me yesterday and I’ve become quite besotted with them.