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Vintage Grey for The English Home

Even just approaching Sarah Dinwiddy’s beautiful home you can tell the inside is going to be special. Her look combines an innate sense of style, clever tricks, and plenty of beautiful, seasonal flowers supplied by London florists Whispers & Snippets

No surprise, then, that The English Home snapped up this property, which was photographed by Colin Poole.




New Farrow & Ball Wallpaper

One of the joys of this job is getting to see all the gorgeous stuff that’s coming our way – before it’s come our way.  And what is ever more gorgeous that Farrow & Ball’s latest wallpaper?  Here’s a sneak peek at their latest collections, including the fascinating ‘Samphire’. I’ve got every piece of wallpaper that Farrow & Ball have ever sent me – one day I intend to do something creative and wonderful with it!IMG_0014

Farrow & Ball Samphire

Farrow & Ball Samphire