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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas! Yes! And to get you in the mood, here’s one we did earlier – last Christmas, to be precise. Thank-you to the lovely Sarah Norton Interiors for allowing us to photograph her beautiful family home, tucked away in the heart of a Hampshire village. Ideal Home magazine gave it the star treatment, and no wonder….




Christmas (In March)

There are well over 200 shopping days to next Christmas but that hasn’t stopped Good Housekeeping magazine from snapping up a house written by me and photographed by Nick Carter for one of their Christmas editions. Very excited to be working again with this prestigious publication, as you can imagine!

Merry Christmas

Over on Pinterest I’ve been creating a board featuring every page from a vintage rag book called ‘Baby’s ABC’ . I have owned and been fascinated by this book since I was a tiny child, my mother gave it to me after it was given to her by a friend at church. Although we haven’t got to the letter X yet (and normally the writer in me cannot abide the term ‘Xmas’) I couldn’t resist showing this letter here first. Merry Christmas!

Angel Wings

In my October posting Dorset Rectory I gave a little glimpse of the latest home I have been writing about and I’m delighted to say that all can now be revealed…it’s the house of Charlotte Starling, who runs  interiors and accessories company Velvet & Dash and the piece appears in the January 2013 edition of Woman & Home magazine. As you’d expect from a company quirkily named after two of the most beautiful greyhounds (did you know they sometimes came in stripes? I didn’t!) Charlotte sells some original stuff, from jewel-bright, hand-blown glass to these heavenly rusted angel’s wings..perfect for Christmas.


2D Christmas Trees!

Completely beautiful 2 D-er from

Completely beautiful 2 D-er from, featured in her new book, Eline’s Winterhuis

Really taken with this one which is part of HomeSense's Christmas advertising campaign

Really taken with this one which is part of HomeSense’s Christmas advertising campaig

Garland Christmas Tree

Garland Christmas Tree

Vintage Paper Decorations

I’ve always loved those old-style paper Christmas decorations; spheres, stars, snowflakes and streamers which are happily making a comeback right now. Many moons ago my granny, Dolly, bought me a whole bag of multi-coloured tissue-paper streamers and garlands and this year, instead of being restrained, I’m going to put up the lot! In the meantime here’s a selection of lovely paper deccies from Pearl and Earl whose products are shown off to the max in the December edition of Living etc

Pearl and Earl’s Mini Fans

Pearl and Earl’s Paper Bell

Pearl and Earl’s paper tree