Bouquets & Blooms

Louise Bowditch has been a friend of mine ever since our sons got together at primary school. Now she’s also a client of mine, as I’m helping with the writing and PR for her brilliant new business, Bouquets & Blooms. Recently I took part in a workshop she held, to teach us how to turn those sorry stalks we mothers often receive from supermarkets or – horrors – the petrol station, into bunches we can be proud of.  We learned how to make tied bunches so good they could stand up on their own.  I’ve never been a fan of carnations or the dreaded chrysanth. but thanks to Louise I have learned how to turn them into the proud superstructure of a fine display of flowers.  Throughout the day we were urged to save all our little scraps and off-cuts and at the end, Louise demonstrated a number of ways they could be used; as a gift display in a vintage tin, or even as tiny posies or corsages. This was so inspiring that I felt confident enough to take on the flowers myself for our sons’ joint 21st and 18th birthday party. And, as you can see here, I was so proud of my effort, I even captured it on camera!

Jar posy

Jar posy

And another!

And another!


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